Wedding Party


Ally Farley – Maid of Honor

Accidentally left in Filene’s Basement as a young girl, Ally survived on dust and old perfume samples. Needing a friend, she turned to the mannequins, who were always there to support her. Fast forwarding 20 years, she holds the Guinness Book of World Records for the longest, continuous walk through a department store beauty department without gasping for air.

Ally and Rebecca have a long history. Starting out young, they met when Ally was just days old. Instantly inseparable, Ally and Rebecca followed each other around, played the same games, and insisted on wearing the same Disney princess on their big girl undies for years. Ally’s obsession with Daniel Radcliff’s sexy sexy smile and flowing hair runs deep, which makes her a Harry Potter enthusiast. If you need a fellow Potter-head, Ally is your go-to chum!

Erica Fure

At a young age, Erica ran away to live with Timothy Leary to experiment with LSD and free love. Currently known for her two scale butter sculptures, Erica now relaxes on the beaches of Santorini surrounded by hunky Greek men, drinking rosé in her whitie tighties.

Erica and Rebecca met during the summer of 2010 while waitressing at the Atkinson Resort and Country Club. They became fast friends while taking drunk golfers for every penny they had. Erica’s love for everything Disney surpasses every expectation and she knows all sorts of Disney trivia — ask her something! Erica lives in Southern New Hampshire with her fiancé Jeremy.

Alex Smith
Alex fireman

Since the age of three Alex liked to play dress up, and as you can see this began his lifelong obsession with fire. Currently, Alex is on parole for St. Elmo’s fire and is credited with creating the world’s first fire tornado. He resides in the hold of an old ship raising cats while listening to Turkish throat music.

Brother to Rebecca and future brother-in-law to Cory, Alex lives in Southern New Hampshire. He is actually a real life firefighter and can light pretty much anything on fire and is more than willing to show you.

Kirby Nadilo

At an early age, Kirby discovered her love of being a Rock n Roll groupie and can be found at many concert venues shouting Free Bird while giving mustache rides. After this phase passed, Kirby moved onto Elvis impersonation interpretive dance. Her shows can be seen between the hours of 11pm-1am behind the 7Eleven.

Sister to Cory and future sister-in-law to Rebecca, Kirby lives in Key West with her husband Matt, 2 year old son Hudson and 6 month old daughter Dylan. Kirby is a music aficionado from being a DJ for 11 years. Have a music inquiry — ask Kirby!


Arthur Jacobson – Best Man

As a young cello prodigy, Arthur toured Montessori schools across the country sharing his gift on the strings. After a leaked video from a private rehearsal showed risqué behavior, he was ex-communicated from the church and never played again. Arthur currently lives in Northern Maine and raises nigerian dwarf goats.

Arthur and Cory met in high school and have been best friends since. They have skied, hiked, and backpacking Europe and plan to continue long into the future. Arthur lives in Mashpee, MA with his wife Liza and dog Link.

Reid Nadilo

Lost on vacation in 1995, Reid was presumed dead a few months after the search party ended. To everyone’s shock he reappeared seven years later as a little known extra in the TV show Family Matters. The fame quickly went to his head, throwing down a dangerous path filled with Justin Bieber and Telly Tubby costume porn. Fearing for his life, he checked himself into a rehab center with the goal of only relying on his Bronie family.

Brother to Cory and future brother in-law to Rebecca, Reid lives in Southern, New Hampshire. Reid is an avid mountain biker and kayaker. If you need a outdoor companion, Reid is your man!

Blake Nadilo
Blake on John

At a young age Blake started planning his plumbing empire. Years of testing and refinement produced the world’s foremost toilet plunger “The Blake”.  Starting out selling over late night informercials, “The Blake” became world famous after saving the life of Guy Fieri during a filming of Triple D.

Brother to Cory and future brother in-law to Rebecca, Blake lives in Portsmouth with his girlfriend and puppy. Blake is an avid skier and can be found mountainside throughout the winter.

Mark Pennisi
Mark Pics

At four years old, Mark was the youngest TV Evangelist in the history of the medium. He moved like Fergie and filled the air waves with a deep soulful voice much like Luther Vandross, and with these qualities, stardom came fast. From hosting the Olympics to preaching his message to millions every Saturday morning, everyone knew his face. Unfortunately, after a series of poor investments including Enron, all of his money was gone. Mark currently runs an AirBnB out of a shipping container – you would never want to stay but the pictures look fabulous.

Roommates by assignment, friends by choice. Cory and Mark met on move-in day freshman year at Quinnipiac University. In 2015 Cory was a groomsman in Mark’s wedding. Mark lives in Weymouth, MA with this wife Yve. A motorcycle enthusiast, Mark is usually spotted by his students zipping through traffic on his Triumph on the way to school.

Nick Cipollo

Raised by gypsies, Nick was always on the move and learned how to adapt to his changing environment. While working the clean up crew for a L’Oreal Salon, Nick kept all of the discarded hair trimmings and went into business for himself. Merkin by Nick was born! Capturing 95% market share, Nick still runs his company and hosts a weekly podcast called “Hair! Up There, In Here, Down There”.

Nick and Cory met through the best man, Arthur. Cory recalls thinking, “Who is this asshole Nick?” After realizing Nick was not truly an asshole, Cory and Nick have become great friends. In 2015 Cory was a groomsman in Nick’s wedding. Nick lives in Boston with his wife Meg. Over the last few years, Nick has become interested in running and can now easily pump out 5-6 miles. Care for a jog? Call Nick!


Parents of the Bride

Jeff & Susan Smith
September 11, 1982

Parents of the Groom

Rudy & Holly Nadilo
October 7th, 1978
Holly Rudy Wedding Photo